MAN TGM 18.340 4x4


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  • Model: TGM 18.340 4x4
    Features: GVM 18,000kg
    GCM: Available on application
    Steel rear suspension
    Available in day, sleeper and crew cabs
    6.9L engine
  • Model: MAN D0836 6.9L (340HP)
    MAN D0836 6.9L (290HP)
    Power Rating: 250kW @2300rpm (340HP)
    213kW @2300rpm (290HP)
    Torque: 1250Nm @ 1200-1750rpm
    1150Nm @ 1200-1750rpm
  • Model: ZF 12 AS1210 OD
    Transmission Ratios: 10.37-0.81
    Standard Differential Ratio: 4.83
  • Model: TGM 18.340 4x4
    GVM: 18,000kg
    GCM: Available on application
    Wheelbase: 3600mm, 4500mm
    Day Cab (C Cab): Wheelbase: 3600mm (Spreader)
    FOH: 1450
    ROH: 1175
    OAL: 6225
    AE: 520
    CA: 3080
    CF: 4255
    BL 5240
    Sleeper Cab (L Cab): Wheelbase: 3600mm
    FOH: 1450
    ROH: 1775
    OAL: 6825
    AE: 920
    CA: 2680
    CF: 4455
    BL 4840
    Crew Cab (DK Cab): Wheelbase:4500
    FOH: 1450
    ROH: 2325
    OAL: 8275
    AE: 1570
    CA: 2930
    CF: 5255
    BL 5630
    Note: Above dimensions are based on 3600mm wheelbase. Check brochure for other dimensions and wheelbase specifications..
    Turning Circle: Kerb to Kerb (m): 13.3, Wheelbase: 3600mm
    Kerb to Kerb (m): 16.2, Wheelbase: 4500mm
    Wall to Wall (m): 15.0, Wheelbase: 3600mm
    Wall to Wall (m): 17.9, Wheelbase: 4500mm
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